Return Policy

At this time Goethe Books does not provide returns or exchanges of any products or services ordered through or ordered through any other communication with Goethe Books. Due to the high cost of import from Germany, once a product has been requested, the order cannot be cancelled by the purchaser unless at the sole discretion of Goethe Books.


Goethe Books assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged products while the product is in the possession of the shipping carrier (e.g. Canada Post, UPS, etc.). Any claims of damaged, incomplete or incorrect shipments must be communicated directly to Goethe Books via email at or by telephone at 416-266-4638.  Any such claim must be communicated within 10 days of the shipping date. Goethe Books will assess all claims and an appropriate response (if deemed necessary) will be at the sole discretion of Goethe Books.